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You perhaps are wondering how anyone could be so egocentric as to call themselves  genius? Ah, but the genius is in fact yours!  We excavate your genius, setting aside all of the negative self-talk you might have had when you previously had an out-of-the-box idea.  We call it "Strategic Insurance" and it's freakin' genius!  It starts with excavating, coaxing and brainstorming about your business, your core customer, your potential customers and your service or product line, then we move into digesting and shifting to account for a growth strategy, and finally, the piece de resistance of developing your genius into a one-of-a-kind customized business plan inclusive of totally measurable, accountable and easily actionable tactical marketing solutions.

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Be the News: A Guide to Going Viral with your Human Interest Story

by Lori Gertz

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 Freakin' Genius Marketing helps you train your inner idea hamster!!!!!


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FGM is a Proud WINNER of multiple American Graphic Design Awards! Including one for our very own "branded" cow! MOOoOOOoOO!  

 What are we all about?

  1. CEREBRATE! CEREBRAL + IDEATE = brainstorming to match no other!
  2. ABANDON GENERICA – No More “Me Too” marketing. No template business ideas are acceptable at Freakin' Genius Marketing. Each client’s vision resonates at a different tone so each plan and all the associated tactics are customized and individualized to meet that client’s need. 
  3. TOSS THE GRAY MATTER Freakin' Genius Marketing clients will be guided to leaving outdated methods of marketing on the side of the curb. Marketing solutions with directly accountable ROI drive the direction of the plans that FGM executes.  
  4. FIND YOUR INNER SCIENTIST Freakin' Genius Marketing will test, test and test more formulas to find the ones that work the most effectively!
  5. BE WEBTASTIC- Freakin' Genius Marketing's award winning web team will guide clients in clearing the cobs from their web(sites) and get the mouse potatoes into their shopping carts!
  6. FIND YOUR INNER IDEA HAMSTER - Freakin' Genius Marketing's expert Account Managers guide clients in locating their creative generators and turning the button ON!
  7. DUMP MONOCHROMATIC- Think making an impression comes in grayscale? Think again! This time in COLOR! Freakin' Genius Marketing's award winning Web and Graphic Design teams help clients make a lasting impression in bold color! 
  8. PLUG AND PLAY PURCHASER –  Freakin' Genius Marketing Chief Freakin Genius, Lori Gertz, with 25+ years of marketing experience, helps guide clients to find their “marketology” – Def: the science behind increasing their customer’s loyalty to them without having to retrain their purchasing behavior. 

Provocative thought leadership helps businesses grow in an unstable economy. Freakin' Genius Marketing unravels the mystery to our clients’ business success complete with an in-depth plan of exactly how it will be executed. We don't just talk about it, we do it - with our clients, for our clients. As translators and excavators of human genius, we unleash the genius deep inside every client. Using these findings we develop a complete plan and solution(s) that will deliver the needed results by combining the appropriate mix of our direct marketing solutions. Brilliant, perhaps...Freakin' Genius, most certainly!   

Get in touch with your inner genius!

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