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Choosing a marketing agency that's a good fit for your business should not be a matter of doing the old "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." You want to have chemistry and be sure the agency truly understands the core of your brand. You've got to work at finding an agency that will save you work. Put Freakin' Genius Marketing to the test and see for yourself how amazing it feels to have found the perfect strategic partner. 

Consider what will happen after you are handed the keys to your newly designed website. Who will manage it? Who will design a newsletter -- one that's consistent with your brand -- and export your mailing list to it? How about social media? How will your message be conveyed with text and visuals including memes that translate well on multiple platforms? You need consistency in blogging, vlogging, posting, tweeting, pinning, and writing, and a social media strategy that results in followers answering your calls to action. 


We like to say, "First we cerebrate, then we innovate." In other words, we use our noggins and then we get cracking with creative solutions customized for your needs. Full-service, strategic integrated marketing: that's what you get when you team up with Freakin' Genius Marketing. 

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