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Before you get caught up in the flash of a new ad campaign, website or promotion, take the time to let Freakin' Genius Marketing dig deep.  We will give you the tools to understand your customers and your prospects and evaluate the competitive environment. We will help you uncover and analyze your company's problems, strengths, and opportunities.  Then we will present solutions based on knowledge not guesswork.


Freakin' Genius Marketing uses three distinct marketing tools to get you to your unique selling proposition (what differentiates you from your competitors) and memorable brand standpoint.  


  • Strategic Market-Based Planning (Planning and preparing for future change)

  • Tactical Marketing (Weaving strategy and tactics into working knowledge)

  • Dynamic Target Market Intelligence (Gathering and evaluating data so you can work smart)


At Freakin' Genius Marketing, we understand that today’s competitive marketplace requires business owners and managers to get the most out of each marketing investment.  That's why we hold ourselves accountable for the performance of each campaign or program we execute. We use a four-step, customer-centric operating model that is focused on helping our clients achieve the measurable results they expect from their marketing.


Freakin' Genius Marketing - Udderly Genius
We're all about branding!
Agility Marketing: Discover, Develop, Deploy, Improve


Discover & Probe


Freakin' Genius Marketing’s discovery phase (fondly referred to as Cerebrating and Unleashing Your Inner Idea Hamster) excavates our client’s situation and business objectives. We chew over the data so we can evaluate all the potential growth strategies. Then we prepare a customized, actionable business plan for you! After that, you decide how you want to use our genius. We can get the work done for you or just help you troubleshoot as you implement the plan.


Listen, Digest and Develop a customized, actionable business plan


Provocative thought leadership helps businesses grow in an unstable economy. Freakin' Genius Marketing excavates our clients’ business success complete with an in-depth plan of exactly how it will be executed. We don't just talk about it, we do it - with our clients, for our clients. As translators and excavators of human genius, we unleash the genius deep inside every client. Using these findings we develop a complete plan and solution(s) that will deliver the needed results and we do it by combining the appropriate mix of our direct marketing solutions.




On your direction, our expert team will then execute the marketing solutions, whether the offerings are part of an integrated  or stand-alone program.




We assess all relevant aspects of campaign execution and performance, compare results to benchmarks and expectations, and make the necessary changes prior to launching subsequent campaigns. This process advances each new campaign to ensure continual performance improvements and ensures that Freaking' Genius Marketing holds itself to high standards of accountability.'

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