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laundry list of Freakin' Capabilities

Laundry List of Capabilities


  • Reinvent your mission and newly identified target markets

  • Design a hot, hip, responsive design web presence so your site looks great and works beautifully on screens and devices of all shapes and sizes

  • Create your written voice, write your book for or with you, maintain your conversation with your followers through multiple channels once you are published 

  • Create and manage social media elements within your brand strategy 

  • Assess and rewrite your existing website for organic SEO

  • Manage your organic SEO

  • Write and design your collateral or promotional materials

  • Provide unparalleled social media marketing training, support and resources

  • Write your  customized business/marketing plan, website, blog, newsletter - you name it, we'll create it, write it, and manage it 

  • Create your newly designed sales and collateral material to match your new plan for growth 

  • Identify the most intuitive email marketing solution for your needs inclusive of template design and delivery 

  • Set up analytics so you can benchmark, track and improve your website, newsletter and marketing approach

  • Assess new products and strategic services for your overall profitability 

  • Develop ancillary line items such as card decks, calendars, etc. using your book or initial product as a launching pad

  • Create a pricing restructure of your product lines

  • Get new product launches off the ground

  • Assess and reevaluate your distribution channels

  • Create ecommerce element and monetize your website 

  • Identify and develop new sales channels inclusive of affiliates 

  • Grab headlines for you and increase your web coverage through 5-star publicity and promotional efforts

  • Design and execute branded ad programs in direct mail, email, print, broadcast, web,  etc.

  • Identify and implement trade show and event-related marketing opportunities 

  • Create point-of-sale retail support and customer loyalty programs

  • Meme packages for use in social media


We Measure Measure Measure and Improve Improve Improve!

Freakin' Genius Marketing offers clients a unique perspective to strategic marketing services and solutions. We help our clients improve their results and control costs by helping determine who to market to and how to market to them.


As it relates to our expertise as a strategic marketing services agency, we use a combination of our Expert Strategic Planning to deliver branded messaging from idea through execution along with our top of the line Marketing Solutions to address unique client needs. Yah yah, we can also provide the support for the backbone infrastructure including Vendor research, Consumer Data, Data Append, Email Marketing, Modeling & Analytics, Marketing Database and Data Processing.


Working together, our client's strategic marketing challenges are addressed with one accountable service provider as opposed to coordinating with multiple vendors. We make it EASY instead of complicated!

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