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Book and product launches


Freakin' Genius Marketing's strategy to launch is as simple as it is effective.


Match demand  - Product capabilities matched to market needs

No gobbledeegook - The best position for success is clear, consistent messaging.

launch with an end in mind - Setting clear launch goals is the surest way to reach them.

Leverage existing relationships - Small investments, powerful relationships and strong associations result in high returns.

Lots of hootin' and hollerin'  - Build excitement long before the product or service is available.

It's all in the timing - Time the launch to maximize sales and success.


To achieve the perfect storm that will propel your book to the top of the bestseller lists, you need to have your product ready, your buyers salivating in anticipation, and the media hounding you for even the smallest glimpse of what you are about to reveal.  Yep. We can do that.


Whether you publish for profit or credibility, your book will get more attention if you earn bestseller status. Ask us about our Amazon Bestseller's Promotional Launch Program for your next book launch. This program is a turnkey six-week promotional strategy to get your book to rank at the top of its category -- or categories -- on launch day.




On December 8, 2015, Dr. Stuart Grauer's new book, Fearless Teaching: Collected Stories , was #555,687 in Amazon's total book ranking. 


On its launch day, December 9th, it climbed to Bestseller status as #1 in its primary category, which included a key list of top-selling education books.


In just under 18 hours, Fearless Teaching sped past half a million books to claim its Hot New Release Bestseller status.  


Here's what it looked like: 


7 a.m. Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #155,662 in Books


  • #70 in Books > Education & Teaching > Schools & Teaching > Education Theory > Experimental Methods


3 p.m. Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #31,185 in Books 

  • #7 in Books > Education & Teaching > Schools & Teaching > Education Theory > Experimental Methods


6 p.m. Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #7,143 in Books 

  • #1 in Books > Education & Teaching > Schools & Teaching > Education Theory > Experimental Methods


Ask us about our Amazon Bestseller's Promotional Launch Program for your next book launch.


Publishing date: 1/1/16

Promotional Date: 12/9/15

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Lori’s business name is spot on: What a Freakin’ Genius! She took my book from an rank of 500,000 up to number one in its category … in 24 hours! Her strategies are visionary, exciting, and successful. What’s more,she used her creativity to get the most bang for my marketing buck . Lori never took her eye off the ball, asked all the right questions, came up with all the right solution--and it all resulted in a brilliant outcome. Hire her! It will be the best business decision you ever make.


Stuart Grauer, Author

of Real Teachers and

Fearless Teaching

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