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Creative Strategy



Freakin' Genius Marketing develops and executes your entire customer experience strategy. Our endgame is creating the most intuitive and enjoyable digital journey for your customer, punctuated with a conversion for your business.  Um, can you say, Win Win?

From ideation and UX mapping to creation and execution of all of the parts and pieces  of your digital playbook  Freakin' Genius Marketing will produce and optimize a full on list of digital assets to make memorable engagement with your customers.

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing are all integral to the online creative strategy if you want to realize marketing success.


Freakin’ Genius Marketing supports our clients by focusing on what stays sticky for the search engines which in turn drives target audience traffic for you. The focus is on attracting the right traffic to your website, so that traffic meets your conversion goals be they number of visitors, names captured, pages visited, or product/service purchased.


Our search engine optimization (SEO), social, email and content marketing services in combination with our branding expertise are all part of what we call our overall Creative Strategy. Some of the products and services you can tap at chez Freakin’ Genius are on this page while others are still left to be cerebrated and discovered.




Optimization and Keyword Strategy


To attain competitive rankings in search engines, you gotta’ have a plan and boy do we have one. Freakin’ Genius Marketing can work with you to develop a keyword optimization strategy (both on and off page) for your website. These same selected keywords and phrases will be implemented throughout your ongoing online marketing plan. Consistency is KEY.


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The internal coding of your web site and proper tag hierarchy is a key factor in optimal search engine rankings. Adding proper page titles, META tags, page headings, ALT attributes and link title attributes are crucial for having a functional and searchable web site.


Once you are happy with the front-end of your beautiful new website, we’ll tinker with the behind-the-scenes adjustments reviewing all of the modifications with you to ensure you understand the changes so you can continue these best practices in the future as you update your website. NOTE: Freakin’ Genius Marketing uses absolutely no black hat practices and has only 100% full integrity with your brand’s online reputation.


Content Marketing


Freakin’ Genius Marketing works with its clients to develop a top notch Content Marketing plan. Content Marketing is the practice of developing and distributing valuable content to a specific target audience with the purpose of driving traffic, conversions and sales.


FGM's content marketing services focus on:

  • Identifying buyer demos and where they are hanging out

  • Developing content campaign schedules

  • Developing content marketing channels such as the website, email newsletters, social media and others.

  • Managing ongoing content marketing efforts on a monthly basis

  • Tracking stats and adjusting as analytics serve to inform


Email Marketing


Email marketing is still a worthwhile and effective online marketing technique if best practices are followed. Using email as an extension of a content marketing plan, our clients are able to drive more qualified traffic to blog posts and targeted landing pages and promotions.


These campaigns can be tracked using the Email Service Provider’s tools to test open rates, click through rates, layouts, etc.


FGM's email marketing services include:

  • Email newsletter template design and website integration

  • Email service provider setup and integration:

    • MailChimp

    • ConstantContact

  • Ongoing newsletter creation and drop management


Google Analytics


There are many analytics programs available, but one of the most cost effective and comprehensive is Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, we can help you track your web site stats, track specific conversion goals, analyze traffic, user tendencies and much more. Using this data, you will be able to see firsthand which parts of your web site are working and which are not.


Social Media Marketing 



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