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Web Design and Development



Your website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan. Whether you are selling a product or a service, your website is the central hub for your all of your messaging efforts.  


Web technology changes quickly, and there are now many tools you can use in your web marketing efforts, including social media, blogs, and content feeds that can fuel your search engine optimization (SEO). Taking advantage of these resources and holding true to current and effective web practices, Freakin' Genius Marketing's web design and development solutions are customized to meet your needs.


We recognize that usability, functionality and visualization are the most important factors when designing websites. We create all of our sites in responsive design so no matter what screen your site is viewed on --a phone of any size, a tablet, or a desktop-- it looks fantastic. Pretty cool, right?  We work with you to ensure that your messaging and marketing goals are realized and you are absolutely giddy with delight over the design we create for you.

















Our process, which has been streamlined over the years, focuses on gathering as much information through our development meeting before the design is started. By adhering to this practice, we’re able to develop a design concept that meets both your expectations and your marketing goals.


In the end, we turn the whole site over to you. Yep, you are not beholden to us. We will train and empower you to manage your site in a simple Content Management System (CMS) if you choose. If you want us to continue to manage it, we can do that too. See how flexible we are?  It's freakin' genius.


Content Development

Lori redesigned my clunky old website and blog of over 100 pages,lickety split, giving me a new, responsive, gorgeous design. She beautifully captured the feel and tone of my brand and matched the needs of my key demographic based on analytics. Sensitive to my budget, Lori also offered me options for cost-saving workarounds for a coding problem in my original site. Then, rather than simply transfer my blog to the new site, she strategized with me on how best to use my material to optimize SEO, build my following, and even create new information-based products. Not just a freakin' genius, Lori is a mindblowing freakin' genius. Do not hesitate, do not pass GO, just hire her NOW!

Nancy Peske, Co-Author of Raising Your Sensory Smart Child

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Why is it so  freakin' important?

Is your website designed for cross-platform viewing? If you just answered "huh?" then it's probably not! If you don't know how important it is, Click here to learn why it's crucial for your business to have a website that can be viewed on all screen platforms from phones to tablets to Smart Boards and desktops!



Search Is Ravenous

Are you Falling behind in your blogging?


Yah, we can do that! Let us write and manage your online voice. Weekly, biweekly and monthly blogging packages are now available starting at $99/mo. Let us do the heavy lifting, leaving you to run your growing business. Email us to set up a blogging package today.



Social Marketology is Freakin' Cool 


Drop "Pay Per Click" and send your organic SEO soaring by leveraging your content through social media channels. Email us to find out how!


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