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Book Marketing


The old days of publishing companies managing all of your book's marketing are over. With the erosion of the Big Six (Publishers) to the Big Five to the ...well you get the idea. Many writers have had to morph into marketing mavens to support their titles, whether or not they were published by big houses. 


Let's face it. Publishers look first at your author platform, sometimes even before they read your work. If your platform isn't strong, we can buttress it. If you don't even know what a platform is no less have a strong one, you need us -- STAT! 


Freakin' Genius Marketing's strategy to create your author platform and launch your book is as simple as it is effective.


Whether you publish for profit or credibility, your book will get more attention if you earn bestseller status. Ask us about our Amazon Bestseller's Promotional Launch Program for your next book launch. This program is a turnkey six-week promotional strategy to get your book to rank at the top of its category -- or categories. on launch day.




Freakin' Genius Marketing is the total package. Lori is simply amazing. Her knowledge, creativity, and communication skills are second to none. My business partner and I simply would have been lost without her. We needed someone to educate, brand, market, and quite often simply hold our hand despite having a publisher. Lori can do it all. When we first met her, it was obvious we were dealing with a consummate professional. She understands how to take ideas and turn them into reality, and most importantly how to make your business successful. Lori gets it.


Jeremy Clorfene, PhD. & Author of The No Bull Book on Heart Disease

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