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Are you hard of hearing, or just not listening?

Hellooooo, is this thing on?

Just as there are implicit and explicit memory centers in our brains, there are a multitude of ways our synapses process the sounds of communication. Which ways could you use improvement with your customers?

Expansive listening is listening with someone. In this type of listening, the listening itself is the journey. It is the point.

Creative listening, on the other hand, is chatting for the sake of connection, brainstorming or listening without an agenda.

Conscious listening leads to greater communication and relationships. ... Listening to understand, and only to understand, allows you to understand more and gives you the capacity to see more objectively the various points of views, understandings, objectives, and intentions of all parties involved in the communication.

Active Listening, which is fully concentrating on what is being said rather than just passively 'hearing' the message of the speaker. #listening #strategicdifference #thefineartoflistening #doyoulistentoyourcustomers Yep, we listen!

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