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5 Ways to Strategize your Social Media

1. Employ a content calendar to plan strategically

You're not making the best use of your time or your social media pages if you're only occasionally posting something impromptu without a rock solid strategy. Social media burn out for your audience is a real thing. That said, proactivity is key. A content calendar is your strategic roadmap for multiple social posts daily for weeks, perhaps even months at a time.

You can use a spreadsheet, or an online template or cloud service. All you need to do is have a clear idea of what you're posting and when.

The calendar will have separate columns to identify what formats you are posting, such as videos, images and articles. It also ensures you are always ready ahead of a workshop, company event, holiday or other promotion. Lastly, it gives you a full on view (top down) of your overall plan of action with your various channels which will support you with understanding your ROI (time spent posting, writing, etc) at the end of the week, month, quarter, etc.

2. Use interactive content

Content is king. Dynamic content is the ruling overlord. Ok, so what I'm trying to say here is dynamic content not only feeds your followers valuable information, it fuels the spiders thereby increasing your SEO. Especially if you are weaving blog posts and youtube video into your social.

Engage your audience. You've already seen interactive content like polls, quizzes, contests and tests. Adding interactive content as part of your social media content strategy is a powerful way to get more engagement. It creates personalized content for users, and tells you more about the audience themselves.

There are a boatload of online tools that will help you create engaging interactive content like interactive infographics, maps, graphs and charts, and educational video content. Interactive content is a growing trend in content marketing. Crazy fact, despite having an estimated 93% of marketers find interactive content effective, 88% of marketers don't include it. Including it will increase engagement. It's just that simple.

3. Create a consistent visual impression

By utilizing a consistent theme across all your posts, you will invest in making your brand more recognizable and appealing. Consistency will support your loyal audience to know you when they see you. Don't just grab any image- bc using poor quality images can actually harm your brand recognition. Keep the look consistent. Brand Aesthetics is real. Keep to your brand colors palette, fonts, and narrative. Conform to a common theme/style. Don't go crazy with the filters.

4.Cross channel marketing

Remember how I mentioned that time is money on social media? That goes for making choices on which of the growing number of social platforms best reach your preferred audiences. Yes, your audience is most likely spread out on different social media platforms you do not need to nor is it smart to spread yourself so thin on every single channel. That said, you need to have a presence on multiple channels to increase your conversions.

By having profiles and posting content on diverse and multiple platforms you're reaching more people. Cross-channel marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other places will create a huge reach.

Again, VERY TIME CONSUMING - so of course, there have been many tools created to help support the automation of cross channel posting. Hootsuite and other platforms have free versions that do a great job, and you can always pay for more features.

Social media platforms are used by billions of people every day. These channels have the potential to help your business grow if leveraged properly. By using the five strategies mentioned above, you can drive conversions and traffic on social media and your website and enjoy an equitable ROI on all the time invested in implementing them.

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