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Interrupting the Disruption: Marketing Meta-trends in an era of Worldwide transformation

Updated: May 15, 2020

Marketing is famous for new trends every week; A meta-trend is something deeper, like tidal forces moving waves to shore

At a time when uncertainty reigns supreme, we find ourselves reaching for something to normalize the instability. This leads us to either throw ourselves into our work or sit in a state of paralysis because the usual outcomes of doing so have been gutted. Somewhere in the middle of that broad spectrum of reaction to the disruption of life as we know it, are the optimistic trendsetters who are not reacting but instead responding with meta-marketing tactics. These leaders of whatever tomorrow brings are exercising agility in its truest sense; which is to be able to think, understand and move quickly. This talk will focus on agility/meta-marketing (a seeming paradox) in this time of worldwide transformation.

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* Evolving leadership and Crisis management

* Migration to virtual business

* The blurring of marketing communications and branding into Customer and User Experience delivery, and Vendor support

* The shift from rigid planning to agile experiments across the board in marketing and business culture

Lori Gertz - Passionate Writer, Marketer & Brand Agent

Freakin' Genius Marketing is the brainchild of Lori Gertz, a sassy, unapologetic empath committed to employing the rule of it's not what you do or say, it's how you make people feel that they remember. A strategic marketer who stands by unhinged creativity and courageous innovation, Gertz received her bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. An alumna of publishing companies including Crain Communications, The New York Law Publishing Company, and Meredith Corporation, Lori has been having the time of her life running Freakin' Genius Marketing for 17 years, Her extensive experience in practicing marketing agility has prepared her for this time of unprecedented uncertainty in the world of commerce. The secret to her freakin' sauce is identifying the genius in her clients and deploying narrative reflecting that brilliance in channels that greatly expand branding, publicity, business and product launches, website creation and content development among many other things. She is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, as well as several longstanding blogs, and multiple published feature articles. Lori has also served as editor, developmental editor and ghostwriter for a number of high-profile individuals.

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