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Google: New Granular Conversions

For those of you who have no idea what a conversion is, it is quickly defined as a process of changing your users action via an ad (text, video or image) and converting them in a way that provides ROI to your business in a way you have defined (purchase, email capture, phone call, etc).I talk about conversions A LOT, perhaps ad nauseum, but they are the true indicators if your marketing strategy is working for you.

What the heck is Google up to now?

Google's analytics are dynamic- in fact, just yesterday I recorded a vlog about data overwhelm with the analytic feedback that one has access to, be them on social or through the search engines. But, being that ROI is crucial in all strategic spending Google is making it even easier to get even more finely split hairs on conversion actions. It's more data, but it's a good thing because it will help you drill down even further in your bidding strategies on keywords.


As always, Google’s new approach to the conversions action category is uber methodical and it separates e-commerce (sales) and leads categories into separate columns while at the same time adding a level of control and granularity to the process of conversion tracking.

These are still being tested, but soon, you should see these tracking mechanisms globally

The conversion action for the sales category will include: purchase, add to cart, begin checkout, subscribe. Lead categories include new conversion actions such as: submit to lead form, book appointment, sign-up, request quote, get directions and outbound click.

Benefits vs. More Data Overload?

These new conversion actions will make it easy to track micro-activity on the part of your audience and it even looks like it will allow advertisers to go back to up to a year's worth of conversion actions to hone down the results.

"Conversions action sets allow advertisers to combine multiple conversions action into a single set. This allows bid strategy to optimize performance for all the conversions actions within that specific conversions action set."

The end game? This is powerful new data to support your bidding strategies as they relate to the kind of ad sets you run - sales vs. lead calls to action. Yep, so even though it's more data, we at Freakin' Genius Marketing are giving it a full on thumbs up! Want to know more? Contact us to set up a consult to see how you can improve your conversions.

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