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How are you CMO'ing?

The role of the CMO is evolving into the Chief Experience Officer. Even though that is the case, fewer than half (49%) of marketing leaders believe they provide an experience completely aligned with customer expectations. (State of Marketing, 2019- Source: Focusvision)

According to a study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value of over 2,000 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) from around the world, CMOs continue to see their roles in their organizations evolve. Today’s CMO is increasingly responsible for having to shape the end-to-end customer experience, extending their reach beyond the marketing department and into areas of the organization once walled off.

Nearly half (45%) of marketing leaders say their organization is leading customer experience initiatives across the business, up from 24% who strongly agreed with this sentiment in 2017.

Yep, innovation, human contact, engagement, customer experience...freakin' genius buzzwords we like!

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